Through our Design Center we want to help spark some creative inspiration in your design, and explore different ideas to help you
capture the look and feel that reflects your personal style.
When selecting the wood you want in your house, you should think about the following elements:

Your floor can be the focal design element in the décor of your home.

Making the correct decision regarding wood species, color, and sheen can greatly enhance your living area. Many factors come into consideration, such as wall color, baseboard type and color, amount of light, door type, cabinets, the general style of your home, and even your lifestyle. We provide our customers with the latest trends and designs in hardwood flooring and an extensive list of domestic and imported hardwood flooring species.

Hardwood options can run a wide gamut, from the rustic reclaimed barn siding to an ultra modern stained bamboo. There are many things to take into consideration when deciding the look you want for your home.

Deciding which products will be appropriate for your project is also something to consider. Below-grade applications (basements) have different consideration and standards than above- or on-grade projects. When building new or renovating an existing residence, the subfloor type can affect your wood flooring choices as well.

Whatever your requests, or job site nuances hold, we have the expertise to make your flooring vision a reality. We want to help you achieve the maximum value and satisfaction in your flooring investment.