Dust free sanding technology, and fast drying, waterborne finishes protect your home enviromental health.

Dust-Free Sanding Technology and Quick-dry Finishes Eliminate Inconvenience and Mess.

Are you nervous about the inconvenience and mess that refinishing your wood floor might cause? Well, our dust-free sanding technology and quick-dry finishes take much of that inconvenience and mess out of the whole process.

As professionals in the hardwood floor industry since 2006, we have seen the growth in technology regarding not only waterbase finish performance, but also in the sanding equipment’s performance.

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No Wood Dust!

Gone are the days of fear about how much dust is left behind by your hardwood floor craftsman. Magnus Anderson uses the most sophisticated dust containment system available to any hardwood floor company. Our commitment to homeowners to achieve incredible quality is even better with the aspect of no dust. In our trailer, a powerful 27 horsepower engine drives a vacuum system that collects the dust outside of your home through hoses connected to our equipment. There is no reason to hang plastic to prevent wood dust from escaping into other areas of your home or duct system. There is no reason for us to wear dust masks anymore. The dustless technology we use is one of many ways we separate ourselves from our competitors. We utilize the latest in technological resources, the highest grade finish that is also environmentally friendly, rigorous industry training, and a high expectation of quality to assure the best results that homeowners can enjoy for years.

Quick Dry Stain

Maybe you don’t like the color of wood you have, or you have light wood and want a dark floor. The color of your floor can be changed by sanding it down to bare wood and applying a quick dry stain. Magnus Anderson has 15 different colors of quick dry stains, including white. We can also create a custom stain. We can combine the stains to create your own signature color to get the look you desire for your floor.

Swedish Waterborne Finish Systems

Magnus Anderson uses Swedish Waterborne finish systems that are premium for durability. They are quick-drying, better for the environment, and bring out the true beauty of your floor.

Many flooring companies use high VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes, which are highly toxic and take days to dry, so you are out of your house and inconvenienced for a long time. The finish we use has low VOCs and dries within 4-5 hours. You can walk on the floor with stocking feet in about 4 hours.

The Swedish Waterborne Finish is a clear, high-build finish that won’t amber like many other finishes. It will show the true beauty of your floor for many years.