Do you want to achieve a specific color via a stain or would you like the inherent beauty and color of the wood to stand on its own? We use combinations of stain and finishes to create a unique look for your floor.  The color possibilities are endless.

You can determine if you have an interest in generally lighter, medium toned, or darker woods. Keep in mind there are several species of wood that don’t accept stain evenly. Please consult with Magnus Anderson to determine if your hardwood species is suitable for stain.

We offer both stock colors as well as custom color mixes. All you have to do is let our sales representative know your interests.

We typically use DuraSeal Quick Coat Stains, which are an oil-modified stain that dries in about two hours. We can stain your floor (depending on the species of wood) with one of these base colors or custom mix these colors.

We have examples of different stain colors on a variety of wood floor species in our Showroom Samples Gallery.


The finishes that Magnus Anderson use protect your wood floor are durable, water-resistant and require minimal maintenance. The finishes are a blend of synthetic resins, and are usually referred to as urethanes or polyurethanes. The available types of surface finishes are water-based or oil-based. We prefer to use the water-based finishes but do occasionally use the oil-based finish if the customer requests it.

Water-based finishes appear clear and resist turning yellow/ambering over time. They have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so are less toxic, and will dry in two to four hours. Water based finishes are very durable.

Oil-based finishes appear amber in color, have more of an odor due to their higher VOCs, and dry in about 10 hours. Oil-based finishes are also durable.