Extend hardwood throughout your home

Many customers want to know if they can keep their current wood…

Prefinished Floor

With pre-finished flooring, the boards have been stained and…

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Walnut Sample Gallery

Prefinished Stained Oak

This particular job had existing ¾” x 2 ¼” Red Oak. Our customer choose to add the prefinished oak in the living room. We suggested adding a border to the room along with the 2 ¼” lighter colored oak feature strip. This helped tie the flooring together.

American Cherry Hardwood Floors

Beautiful, American Cherry Floors with Maple Border
ash hardwood floor

Ash Floor Sand and Finish

We sanded and finished this beautiful Ash Hardwood Floor.
Boulder hardwood floor refinishing

Bamboo Install, Sand and Finish

This is a new page that shows a site finished bamboo floor.

Natural and Stained Red Oak Floors

This oak shows the “red” nature of this natural product. It is milled very precisely and goes together like a dream. It is considered one of the best of the red oak products.
dust-free refinishing

Decorative Hard Maple

Maple hardwood floor with Brazilian Cherry accent features.
Boulder wood floor refinishing

Flooring From Down Under

This Australian Cypress has a distinctive character. The knots provide a level of personality that leaves the room warm and inviting.