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Many customers want to know if they can keep their current wood…

Red Oak

Appearance: Heartwood and sapwood are similar, with sapwood lighter…

Portfolio Items

Gray Stained Red Oak

Boulder Patagonia Store

The hardwood floor at the Patagonia Store on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado had years of foot traffic, with mud, water, and dirt tracked in and racks pulled and rolled across it. The floor had dirt ingrained deep into the wood. Our craftsmen worked through the night, sanding the wood and applying commercial water-based finish on it before the customers arrived in the morning. The final outcome was a huge transformation from an old, worn-looking wood floor to a brand new, beautiful floor that is set to take lots more foot traffic!

Prefinished Stained Oak

This particular job had existing ¾” x 2 ¼” Red Oak. Our customer choose to add the prefinished oak in the living room. We suggested adding a border to the room along with the 2 ¼” lighter colored oak feature strip. This helped tie the flooring together.

Natural and Stained Red Oak Floors

This oak shows the “red” nature of this natural product. It is milled very precisely and goes together like a dream. It is considered one of the best of the red oak products.
dust free wood floor refinishing

Red Oak with Black Walnut Accents

Certain situations require changing the direction of how the floor is installed. For the most part, this is dictated by the direction of the joists in your subfloor. It is sometimes nice to introduce a different wood species to demarcate the transition. Here we introduced American Black Walnut.
Boulder wood floor refinishing

Red Oak Lace-in to Existing Wood

If you have existing hardwood, and you would like to expand that wood into other parts of your home, we can lace-in new wood to the existing wood. You will not be able to tell what was the old wood and what is the new–it will all look brand new and beautiful.