Magnus Anderson Wins 2018 People’s Choice Award

Magnus Anderson won the 2018 Boulder Daily Camera’s People’s Choice, Boulder County Gold award for best hardwood flooring company! This is the fourth year in a row that we’ve won this award (and they’ve only had this category for four years).

The Boulder County Gold Award is a hallmark of achievement for Magnus Anderson. Our number one goal over the past 13 years in business is to have happy customers who like the service we provide and love their wood floors. By winning this award four years in a row, it acknowledges that we are achieving that goal. Magnus Anderson uses a team of highly-skilled craftsmen to install, sand and finish each wood flooring project, ensuring a beautiful and seamless final product and a painless installation process. We believe that Magnus Anderson’s success is due to our focus on customer service and quality work. Our goal is to create beautiful wood floors every time.