wood floor installation

Is There Dirt Engrained in Your Wood Floor?

When the finish on your wood floor starts to wear off, dirt can start to get into the grain of the wood floor. I’m sure you’ve seen wood floors that have black/dark brown lines in some of the boards. It starts to look horrible! If you start to see this in your wood floor, you should get it sanded and finished sooner, rather than later! Why? Well, the dirt will go deeper and deeper into the wood, which means when you do refinish your floor, the refinishing company will have to take off more and more of the wood to get down to the undamaged wood. This will take off some of the “life” of your wood floor. If you want your wood floor to last, get it refinished before the damage really sets in.

We can make your old-looking wood floor look new again. Give us a call and we’ll give you a free estimate of what it will take.