Boulder wood floor refinishing

Pad and Recoat Helps to Maintain Your Wood Floor

Wood flooring is an investment that can increase the value of your home and make your living space more beautiful. One of the best ways to maintain your wood floor, so that it will last a lifetime is to have it “padded and recoated” every 3-5 years.
A pad and recoat is significantly less expensive than a full sand and refinish, and it will make your wood floor look new once again. It is much less inconvenient, taking a small fraction of the time to do. With the water-based finishes we use, they’ll be dry enough where you’ll be able to walk on the floor in stocking feet within 4 hours.
There are things to keep in mind, however, when considering a pad and recoat.
1. If the finish is worn to bare wood, scratches are deep and go into the wood, and/or there are dents that go into the wood, a full sand and refinish will be necessary.
2. If the homeowner has used cleaning products that contain oil, wax, or another type of residue cleaner, a full sand and refinish will be required.
3. If there is water damage, color changes due to light exposure, or pet stains, a full sand and refinish will be necessary.

If, however, you see a dulling of your finish and/or surface scratches, a pad and recoat might be the best option for you. Keep this in mind as a way to maintain your investment. Think about calling us before the floor gets damaged to a point that it needs a full sand and refinish.