wood floor installation

Why hire a professional wood flooring company?

With all the home improvement shows on television, people may attempt to install and/or refinish their own wood floor. It’s not as easy as it looks, however. Not only does a professional wood flooring company, like Magnus Anderson, have the best machinery for the job, we also have years and years of experience, training, and knowledge of how to do it correctly, so the customer doesn’t run into trouble with their investment later on. Ultimately, having a professional company do the job right will add years to the lifetime and beauty of your floor. And, in the long run, save you money.

A professional company should invest a lot of money in buying and maintaining their installing and refinishing tools. We use the best equipment available. All our craftsmen are trained to use the equipment appropriately. The tools and equipment you would rent at a big box store or equipment rental facility may have been used and abused by many a do-it-yourselfer before you use it. If the equipment is not calibrated right, it may leave sanding marks on your floor which will show when you apply finish to it, may take off too much of the wood, and may do damage to the floor.

A professional company should have craftsmen that are trained and experienced in finishing a wood floor. We train our craftsmen how to apply stains, sealers, and finishes to the wood floor. They don’t learn by watching YouTube. They go through a rigorous training program to learn to do it correctly. There are many factors involved in applying a clean finish coat, and it can be very difficult to do well.

Installing a prefinished or site-finished floor can be tricky. Acclimation, moisture testing, starting in the correct place, and knowing what adhesives, nails, or cleats to use is important. Also, when racking a floor, it’s important to know how to and how not to lay the boards to create the most beautiful and stable floor.

After renting all the equipment (sander, buffer, edger, nailer, saws, etc.), and buying all the supplies, such as the wood, sand paper, nails, adhesives, stain, finish, etc., to do the job yourself, not to mention all your time to do the project, the finished floor may not meet your expectations, and you may end up having issues with it in months or years to come. Then, you many need to hire a professional company to fix it.

At Magnus Anderson Hardwood Floors we are passionate about giving our customers the wood floor they picture in their mind. Through our flooring knowledge and craftsmanship, the floors we give our customers are ones that will last and look beautiful for years and years.