What I look forward to in 2013

Magnus Anderson Hardwood Floors has now been in business for 7 years! Time has flown! I think about all we’ve learned in those 7 years, about running a successful business, better communicating with our customers, marketing dos and don’ts, building a great employee team, and how to continually get better at our craft. With most industries, the hardwood flooring industry evolves with new products and new processes. The finishes continue to get better, mills get new types and cuts of wood that we get to offer our customers, customers’ preferences in wood types and colors change, and equipment gets better and safer. Not only do our customers love our dustless technology, our employees love it as well! It means that they too don’t have to breathe in the wood dust, which is a known carcinogen and respiratory irritant.
I am looking forward to the new year. Our goal is to continue to grow our company through customer referrals, maintain our high level of craftsmanship and customer service, and maintain our employee satisfaction. Our customers have spread the word about our craftsmanship and customer service, and it has helped us grow tremendously throughout our seven years. Thank you!
Here’s to a new year!