Dust Containment

As professionals in the hardwood floor industry for over the last decade, we have seen the growth in technology regarding not only water based finish performance, but also in equipment performance. Gone are the days of fear about how much dust is left behind by your hardwood floor technician. Magnus Anderson uses the most sophisticated dust containment system available to any hardwood floor company. Our commitment to homeowners to achieve incredible quality is even better with the aspect of no dust. Our powerful 27 horsepower engine drives a vacuum system that collects the dust outside of your home, through hoses, and into our trailer mounted dust containers. There is no reason to hang plastic to prevent dust from escaping into other area’s of your home, and there is no reason for us to wear dust masks anymore. This is one of many ways we separate ourselves from our competitors. We utilize the latest in technological resources, the highest grade finish that is also environmentally friendly, industry training, and a high level of quality to assure the best results that homeowners can enjoy for years.