What it Means to be Dust-Free

There are a lot of ads out there for “dustless” wood floor refinishing. Are they really dust-free, or just have “less” dust? Unless the company has technology like Magnus Anderson, with a trailer parked outside your home that has a vacuum unit attached to all the sanding equipment, they are NOT dust-free.
At Magnus Anderson, we are truly DUST-FREE, guaranteed! What does that mean? In the wood floor sanding process, our sanders, edgers and buffers sand your floor, creating lots and lots of fine wood dust. This wood dust is a carcinogen and a respiratory irritant. Instead of that dust getting spread around your house, however, it is sucked out by our vacuum system the INSTANT it is created. Inside our trailer that is parked outside your home, we have a 27 hp engine that drives our powerful vacuum system.
There’s no reason for us to wear dust masks or hang plastic in your home, because there is no dust. If you use Magnus Anderson, you won’t have to worry about wood dust getting into your HVAC system, on your walls, and in your cabinets. The dust won’t be there! If you use a competitor without the technology we have, that dust, even if it’s “a little bit,” will coat all the areas of your home. If you have any allergies or asthma, this can be especially troublesome.
If you would like more information about the technology we use, give us a call or check out our website. We’re happy to talk about what makes us better than the competition and better for you.