Boulder wood floor refinishing

Hardwood Floors and Lego Building

This morning, my ten-year-old son was holding a full glass of milk as he explained to me why he forgot to do the homework assignment that was due today. As he became more emphatic about the importance of watching television versus doing math problems, he spilled half the glass of milk on the floor (I’m sure it was a diversion tactic!). Thankfully, we have hardwood floors, so his time spent cleaning up the mess, did not make him late for school!
When we first moved into our house, 12 years ago, we had carpeting in every room except the kitchen. As my two boys got into their building with Legos, racing Matchbox cars, and creating elaborate train tracks stage, I found that they would seek out the only hard floor surface in the house…the kitchen. They would spend hours putting together the tracks that would wind under the table, in front of the stove and refrigerator, and back again. They’d build towns out of Legos, and bring all their cars down to create dramatic race tracks. Needless to say, as much as I loved those hours of independent play, getting around the kitchen to fix them meals became quite the obstacle course!
Then, we started Magnus Anderson Hardwood Floors, and over time (namely on weekends) we put in wood floors throughout the main level of our home. Oh, the joy of not stepping on train tracks anymore! The boys continued to build to their hearts content, but it was no longer under my feet and in the most-used room in the house!
Happy mom = happy kids! (Usually!)

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