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What Sets Your House Apart From Your Neighbors’?

We live in a wonderful neighborhood. We love our neighbors, the big park, the community pool, and the get-togethers that bring us all together. Like many subdivisions in Erie, however, all the houses are very similar to each other. In fact, before the HOA allowed a new pallet of exterior paint colors, people would constantly get our house confused with our neighbor’s–same color, close to the same layout, same tree in the front yard.

A few years ago we painted our house a totally different color than our neighbors’, so that it would be a little more distinctive. Then an investor bought the house next door, painted it one shade different than ours, and sold it to a new family. There goes the distinction! After that, I started contemplating what were some other things that set our house apart? If we decided to sell our house, what would differentiate it from the other three that were also for sale in our neighborhood?

Well, one big thing is that we put in 3” and 5” wide white oak planks throughout the main level and stained them a dark walnut. Many of the other houses in our neighborhood have the carpet and wood that the original builders put in. So there was one thing. Another is that we put wood on the stairs, and replaced the railings with wrought-iron, put in new newel posts, and a beautiful banister. When you walk in our home, the stairs and the floor are the first thing you notice, and they’re not like anyone else’s in our neighborhood.

We can differentiate your home with beautiful wood floors too. We can create a custom stain, put in a unique species of wood, install a beautiful inlay in your entry, transform your staircase, lay the wood on an angle that matches the flow of your home, put in different widths of wood, etc. There are so many different options! Our estimator, Eric, has so many design ideas, and can help you create that “wow factor” in your home! Give us a call or fill out the form on our website for a free estimate.