Want Wood Floors But Have Questions? We Can Help!!

Are you wondering if you can afford to put wood flooring in your home? Are you concerned that it will be too big an inconvenience? Are you struggling with what type of wood you would want in your house?
Well, we can help!
We can give you a free estimate to help you understand if wood flooring is within your budget, or if maybe you can afford it sometime in the future. Wood flooring is an investment that will increase the value of your home and last forever if well taken care of.
We try to take much of the inconvenience out of putting wood flooring in your home or refinishing the existing wood. We will give you a project schedule so you know exactly what to expect and how long the project will take. Our dustless finishing process makes it so there is no wood dust left in your home. The wood dust is evacuated during the sanding process to a trailer parked outside your home (see refinishing page on our website for more information on our technology). We use water-based finishes that dry quickly and have low toxins. Many flooring companies use high VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes, which are highly toxic and take days to dry, so you are out of your house and inconvenienced for a long time. The finish we use has low VOCs and dries within 2-3 hours. You can walk on the floor with stocking feet within 3 hours.
Our lead estimator, Eric Demille, can help you pick the species and size of wood (plank, wide plank, or strip), and the color (we can stain many types of wood, as well). Eric has much experience with this, and can make sure you get the wood floor that you really want. A great place for ideas is our flooring gallery and food for thought section on our website.
Call us today for a free estimate! 303-437-0610 or fill out our website form.