Should I Sand and Refinish My Wood Floor?

Recently, I was asked by a friend whether she should get her floor sanded and refinished. She said that there were areas on the floor that were worn down to the wood, but overall the floor still looked good.

Of course, whether you decide to sand and finish your floor can depend on budget and level of wear. There are many reasons why we sand and finish an existing wood floor, including repairing damage to the floor and changing the color or finish sheen. But, I think the main reason to sand a floor is to protect your investment and give beauty to a renewable resource that can usually be repaired instead of replaced. Deeper and more extensive wear or damage to the floor could mean the contractor has to sand more wood off the floor. Also, replacing a wood floor is much more expensive than maintaining it with a sand and finish or a pad and re-coat. A typical 3/4″ wood floor can usually be re-sanded several times by a good, professional wood flooring contractor, like Magnus Anderson. Less experienced contractors may sand off more wood than necessary, decreasing the overall life of the floor.

Magnus Anderson wants to protect your investment and make sure your floor lasts as long as possible. Our sanding craftsmen are very experienced and well-trained on the proper sanding techniques. Not to mention that our sanding process is DustFree! Call for a free estimate to see if your investment is in need of a sand and refinish (303-437-0610) or contact us through our website.