Boulder hardwood floor refinishing

Kids and Wood Floors

I am a mom of two boys. When they were younger, they sought out any hard surface they could find to build their structures, roads, train tracks, etc. Unfortunately for me, that was limited to the kitchen. So, we would have these “masterpieces” in the kitchen for days, and I would have to tip-toe around them so I wouldn’t knock them down–or kill myself!

As the boys got older, we put hardwood floors throughout our whole bottom level. Not only did it make my house much more beautiful, look bigger, simplify cleaning (think spilled juice on carpeting–not fun!), and increase the value of our house, to my boys it opened up so much more space to build their masterpieces! Luckily for me, I could direct them to build in the dining room and living room, which were much less used than the kitchen. I’d say that was a win-win situation!