What It Means to Be Dust-Free

There are many wood flooring companies out there that claim to be dustless or dust-free. Are they truly dust-free, or do they just have less dust? Magnus Anderson is truly dust-free. How can we claim that? Well, our sanding technology is the best that’s on the market. Most “dustless” companies use a “bagged” vacuum unit that is attached directly on their sanding equipment. They may say that it catches all the dust, but the wood dust is still inside your home, so when they change the bag (which they have to do frequently), that dust can escape and easily blow around your home. We have a trailer parked outside your home that has a powerful vacuum unit in it, that’s run by a 27 hp engine. The vacuum is attached by hoses to all our sanding equipment, so that as soon as the sand paper touches your wood floor, the sawdust is immediately evacuated from your home into our trailer.

This is important in many ways–not just to mitigate the mess–but also because wood dust is a lung irritant, and unless you use a dust-free sanding company, that fine dust will be all over your home–in your duct work, on your walls, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.

We recently had a customer who had horrible allergies, and she was very concerned about the wood dust, as well as the toxins used in the finishing process. We use water-based finishes that dry quickly and have very low toxin levels. When we finished her floor, she was amazed at our system. She stated “you really are dust-free!”

So, if you don’t want to be breathing in and cleaning up fine wood dust, go with a truly dust-free wood flooring company, namely Magnus Anderson. The “bagged” vacuum units on sanders just don’t cut it!